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.:.You come across a cave entrance, a young brute and fae sitting in that exact spot. The male jumps as he sees you, exchanging words with the obviously-elder femora, before she glances at you in final acknowledgment. She swishes her tail, before purring welcomingly to you, while the smaller male sits beside her, head high and proud, eyes closed..:.

"Welcome, new comer. My name is CrimsonStar, leader of Peppermint Clan. This hostile little kitty here is BreathingWind, my beta. Do you wish to join?"

.:.CrimsonStar smiles as you nod, motioning for you to come over. When you do, all three of you walk into the clan camp, before BreathingWind spoke up and CrimsonStar walked away.:.

"Listen up, because I'm only running through this once. If you're joining, you must answer these questions."

"What is your name, age, and gender? What rank do you desire? How strong is your loyalty? Give me a fighting example." (Roleplay example.)

.:.You quickly ask what ranks are open, and he answers you just as swift.:.

"Kit. Apprentice. Warrior. Hunter. Elders. Mentors. Nursers. Pick."
.:.When all was said and done, you  and BreathingWind took a walk around camp. CrimsonStar caught up with you both, and took you and BreathingWind to the leaders rock. She motioned you to walk up the rock, to follow BreathingWind. CrimsonStar padded close behind you, calling a meeting hence she stood next to you on the top of the rock.:.

"Members of Peppermint Clan. I am proud to present our new member, Y/N! But because he/she is new, I will go over our most important rules."
"Number one, what leader and beta says, goes. Number two, apprentices must wait until every clan member has eaten before their share. Number three, Respect your elders. Number four, respect higher ranks. Number five, don't talk back to leader or beta. And number six, do not go and join another clan when still with us."
"Welcome to Peppermint Clan."

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